We are the Aces

This week we have celebrated Young Enterprise week by coming up with ideas for a product that we could sell to family and friends at the Young Enterprise Fayre.  Firstly, we sorted out the roles and responsibilities of each person on the team.  We brainstormed some ideas and the majority voted to make dreamcatchers and mobiles.  One team member worked out the costings of what it would take to make each hanging decoration and we used our budget to purchase the materials needed for each decoration including feathers and beads to hang on the metal loops. 

Team members were taught how to make the dreamcatchers and mobiles using yarn and thread to weave webs on metal hoops.  We then hung different decorations on and beneath the hoops to create the dreamcatchers and mobiles we wanted.  Our product designer came up with some brilliant designs.  The finished creations looked so beautiful that potential customers started reserving the ones they wanted! 

 We did face some challenges with working together as a team, as some team members began the week distracting the others rather than working together to create a product.  However, we discussed our problems as a team, and once those team members realised the rest of the team found their behaviour disruptive rather than funny, they settled down more and focused on the tasks better.  Together, we learnt how to cooperate with each other, how to work together as a team to create some amazing dreamcatchers and mobiles.  Each team member should be very proud of their work. 


Another challenge we overcame was how to price the products.  We wanted them to be affordable while still making a profit to raise money for the ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity.  So, we decided to divide our products into two categories: one group was priced at £3 each and the second category, in which we put the dreamcatchers and mobiles that had more decorations on, was priced at £4 each. 

The other important task we completed this week was creating and presenting a PowerPoint, detailing what we are making and what we have been doing each day, which we will deliver to the school leadership team on Friday. 

Overall, the experience has been really positive with team members saying they have learnt how to work in a team and that they have also discovered how to make a variety of dreamcatchers using a small amount of resources.  In addition, our product designer learnt how to organise a production line.  Each team member stepped out of their comfort zone to achieve the goal of creating enough dreamcatchers and mobiles to sell at the Fayre.  And the results were fantastic!

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  1. We really enjoyed our visit to Wemms last week for your Enterprise Day. Our Grandaughter, Erin, will be joining you in September and it was good to see where, and with whom, she will be spending her days. We have sown our wildflower seeds and look forward to their flowering !
    Thank you for making us so welcome.

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