Little Einsteins

We’ve been extremely busy for Enterprise week, planning and preparing our products for the grand finale on Friday: the Young Enterprise Fayre. 

On Monday, after some ice-breaker activities which helped us get to know each other better, we discussed our strengths and weaknesses and allocated roles and responsibilities.  

We then looked at the resources available to us, thought about our skills, talents and interests and brainstormed ideas about what products we could produce. We tried to choose things that would appeal to members of the Wemms community and also that would produce a good profit margin for the ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity that Wemms has chosen to support.  

We decided that fidget toys would be cheap and easy to make with some of the resources available: pony beads and slip rings. This would also be an item that many members of the Wemms community would enjoy using, and since the toys are quiet when in use, they would not be disruptive during lessons. 

We also thought about the latest trends on social media and decided to make Hama bead rings and bracelets that we could customise as these are currently ‘on trend’.  

Lastly, we had the idea of selling candy floss as one of our team had access to a professional grade machine and this would produce an excellent profit margin as well as attracting the punters to our stall! 

We spent time making prototypes of fidget toys and jewellery. One of our challenges was that we had some heart shaped slip rings that were too large for the pony beads to fit. Whilst not wanting to waste these, we thought of options to make keyrings with these and made a few prototypes, some of which were too fiddly to make in large quantities. We learnt that while this was frustrating, it proved the usefulness of making prototypes. 

We used a focus group to run our ideas past other members of the community and asked which items would be most popular. This gave us an idea of what people would be willing to spend on our products too.  

Tuesday was spent creating and presenting a PowerPoint presentation and posters, deciding the cost of our items and taking advance orders and measurements for them. We also started a production line and getting to grips with how the materials behaved. This was especially challenging with the Hama beads as we found that we had a limited time to work them into the ring and bracelet shapes while they were still warm from the iron. We discovered that the dimensions altered slightly when the beads were melted into place, so sizing was a challenge and adjustments had to be made to some of the custom-made products. 

On Wednesday, our challenges continued as we struggled being able to make more complex and interesting shapes for the jewellery. This gave us the idea to use spiked square templates to hold the beads in place while manufacturing. We could then produce any 2-dimensional shape requested. 

We learned how to use marketing to enhance our consumer base and increase sales. We also learnt how to use PowerPoint design tools to implement graphics and enhance the visualisation of our products. 

On Thursday, we finalised all the products and photographed them. We were mindful of the help that other members of the school community gave us and made sure our appreciation was known so that they could see the value of the services (e.g. their video and photography skills) that they shared with us. 

We then went around the school and put up posters in each department. We planned the stall layout and started tidying up and preparing the room for our visitors. 

Over the week, our group became increasingly harmonious. We learned to listen to others, communicate effectively and to work cooperatively as a team each with different roles. 

We are excited to be able to offer our products on Friday and hope to make a valuable contribution to the ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity. 

As Einstein himself would say, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” 

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