Super 6

When we got to know that we have been allocated the task of working on a project through which we had to yield income from a budget of £30, we put our heads together and eventually came up with the idea of designing reusable tote bags. These are small natural fibre (calico cotton) bags for use while shopping, for example. Given the current state of our planet and the climate crisis, we were keen to do something with sustainability credentials.

The students, a group of six, came up with the name, ‘Super6’, and a brand name of ‘Sustain-a-Bag’.

First things first, we had to come up with some house rules to ensure the smooth running of the team comprising of various ages, skills and abilities. This was definitely a step in the right direction as we needed to turn to these to remind us of what team spirit is and why we embarked on this project when the going got tough.


Having set the foundation for our team, we started making the designs on the tote bags which we had bought from our budget. We came up with some designs which we tested on members of other teams – particularly popular was a turtle motif and the theme of customised letters.

Our main medium was ‘sharpies’ – permanent felt markers – though we supplemented these with normal felt pens, poster paints, material and sequins/glittery bits.

Our students came up with the slogan “sustain a bag, sustain our future”.

So please come and support us on Friday where I’m sure you’ll be able to find a bag to suit your needs or just to put your rubbish in!

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