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This week we have been planning a product to sell. We firstly sorted out the roles for the team with Person A taking the role of team leader and Person B (Marketing), Person C (Sales), Person D (Finance), Person E (Presentation) and Person F (Logistics and organisation) taking on their roles. We then planned to make sensory jars, basil plants and squishy fidget balls. With Person D making sure we stayed in budget we sourced the most cost-efficient materials we could, an early passion for the team was to make sure recycling was a key component in our product.

A challenge for the team was keeping focused and constant interruptions. We overcame this through taking regular breaks and making sure everyone was ok and had a job, making sure we used WET effectively as well as strong leadership and keeping a clear goal in mind as well as a bit of humour.


We did market research on one of our walks looking at a plant seller and how the packaged and priced their product. As well as using our target audience to inform our decision on pricing.

Our logistics manager took the lead on creating an advert for our products complete with pricing as well as catchy jingle and an endorsement. This will be part of our presentation we will be giving to a leadership team, and we look forward to their feedback on our enterprise product.

Overall, we as Wemms Fidget feel very proud of what we have managed to achieve in enterprise and can’t wait for people’s reaction to our products on Friday. The next day we

came up with our marketing strategy. After our strategy was made, we designed a label for the basil plants and the fidget toys.

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