Our school policies are drawn up by the Senior Management Team in consultation with our Advisory Board.

You can view and download our policies from the link below, but if you would like a paper copy, please email Rachael@wemms.co.uk.

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If the above link does not work for any reason, and you would like to view any policies, please contact the school on 01737 276499 or email Rachael@wemms.co.uk and we will be happy to email copies to you.


Use of PP money 2020-21

During 2020-21 our Pupil Premium money was spent on the following items to enhance the wellbeing and education opportunities of our students:

  • First Aid Course,for students
  • Pet first aid and behaviour management  course,
  • Employment of life coach to support mental health
  • Development of drawing talking therapy
  • Purchase of treadmill  
  • Motivation Course
  • Anti-bullying ambassadors course
  • Site licence for zoom and IT update to permit all students to have access to online learning during lockdown