The school day

08.45: Assembly

09.00: Lesson 1

10:00: Lesson 2

11.00: Break (30 mins)

11.30: Lesson 3

12.30: Lesson 4

1.30: Lunch (30 mins)

2.00: Lesson 5

3.00: Lesson 6

4.00: School day ends


Breakfast Club

A self-service, on-demand breakfast club is available from 8am. The provision will be supervised by prefects and open to all staff and all students. A small fee is charged for each item: toast 50p, cereal 50p, beans or egg on toast £1.



There are fresh water dispensers on each floor. All members of the community are advised to carry a water bottle and hydrate regularly. Fizzy drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, etc, are not welcome in Wemms. Energy drinks are banned and will be confiscated.



Please note that Wemms has a number of students and staff with serious food allergies. Please do not let your child bring nuts, latex or any member of the orange family (including juice) into school or on any trips.



We have two 30-minute breaks,  11-11.30am and 1.30pm to 2pm.  Our breaks are deliberately short as many of our students find social interaction challenging. There is much evidence to support the use of a short break that allows people to eat and enjoy 10-20 minutes chat without being overwhelmed.



Students may bring a packed lunch from home or bring a meal to microwave. Years 5-8 inclusive should hand their food to a prefect or teacher and are not allowed to use the microwave themselves. Years 9 and 10 may use the microwave once the cookery team have shown them the controls and when there is a staff member present. Older students have free access to the microwaves in break times. Alternatively, staff and students may order a meal at reception each morning for £4, and the food will be prepared by a local eatery ready for the 1.30pm break.


Bathrooms and cleanliness

Wemms is an equal opportunity environment and as such, prefers to offer closed-cubicle toilets, equipped with hand-cleansing stations which  are gender-free. Towels are changed twice a day and washed on a hot cycle, however, any member of the community is welcome to bring their own towel for personal use. Our student toilets are off reception and offer three, closed-cubicle toilets and a private-assistance toilet with a shower. All have hand-sterilising stations and suitable, covered  waste bins.

Wash basins are in an open-plan area in front of the toilets and are monitored by reception. Water enters the basins via a mixer tap which reduces water temperature  to 42 degrees. Students may also use the closed cubicles for changing at any time. For those seeking more privacy, there is a well-equipped disabled bathroom off the medical room on the first floor. It is available to staff and students when the medical room is not in use.