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Offer the hand of friendship to those in need

 Embraces the proposition that every human

is a caretaker of planet Earth

Ample Opportunity

Wemms’ basic philosophy embraces the proposition that every human is a caretaker of planet Earth and every person is here to give to society and to offer the hand of friendship to those in need.


Wemms’ basic philosophy embraces the proposition that every human is a caretaker of planet Earth and every person is here to give to society and to offer the hand of friendship to those in need.

Wemms also believes that one overcomes their own ‘gremlins’ by helping others.
Our students will be offered ample opportunity to serve their community by engaging with local charities and community projects.

In 2015-20, the students have actively supported the work of The Ashtead Rotary Club, the Soroptimists of Epsom, the Lions Club of Leatherhead, CHANCE for Nepal, and the Coco Foundation.

Students have also supported the Cherry Tree Hospice and local women’s refuge centres.

They have organised cake sales and fund-raisers to generate funds for pancreatic cancer research, Alzheimer research, Toilet Twinning, and conservation projects.

The majority of members of the school community are trained in first aid and know how to operate a defibrillator.

All senior students are offered the opportunity to become peer mentors to help support those in need of the hand of friendship.

In addition, the majority of staff members are trained in mental health first aid and suicide prevention. Their skills are available to the local community as well as our community.

The Wemms building and minibus are available for community use as and
when required.

In future years, our students will be offered ample opportunity to serve their community by engaging with local charities and community projects.

Parents speak for us

It would be impossible to overstate the positive impact joining the Wemms family has made to my son and our whole family. Having been through various schools, most of whom completely misunderstood his needs and frankly treated him really badly, he was traumatised, depressed and totally unable to engage and with poor attendance.
From his first trial day he felt he belonged and since joining his attendance and engagement in lessons is nearly 100%, he wants to go to school and most importantly has friends and is happy. He took (and comfortably passed) English GCSE 2 years early (his choice) and comes home full of interesting information he wants to share.
Head Teacher’s understanding of and skill with our amazing, complicated children is genuinely second to none and I would recommend Wemms to any parent.
Roma T.
12 September 2023
As a parent, there is nothing more important than my children. I could see my two daughters were not getting the correct education from mainstream education. With their special needs, it was clear they needed more help. This is exactly what they got from WEMMS. Both my daughters are flourishing, educationally and socially, from their time there and I cannot thank enough.
Steve H.
12 September 2023
Wemms is for many young people including my own son, a life saver and an opportunity to start afresh. The wonderfully safe & embracing environment of this school gives the young adults a sense of security and critically belonging that allows them to re engage with education and develop into citizens of our age… fabulous place from which many other schools could learn.
Michael R.
10 November 2022
Our daughter has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. School after school had failed to cope with these and she had fallen years behind in terms of both academic progress and social ability. Quite naturally, she ended up refusing to go to schools which for her were hostile, unsafe places where she felt bullied and misunderstood. Wemms was a last hope. Since joining Wemms our daughter’s progress has been remarkable. Her academics have made huge progress. Socially she is a different child, able to make friends and interact with people confidently. In her own words she “loves her school”. Wemms has provided exceptional pastoral care combined with a holistic approach to her education that has allowed her develop on all fronts. Thank you Wemms. Please keep up the good work which make our daughter’s future look so bright.
Philip and Tamara
12 September 2023
I just wanted to let you know that Poppy passed her theory test yesterday and is absolutely delighted! She is loving her lessons with the teacher and it's all thanks to Wemms. Both she, I and Paul can't thank you enough for your support with this.
I have also been so impressed with the teachers, both at the review evening and for the online revision sessions. The kindness, patience and support is incredible and again much appreciated!
Passing her test yesterday has given Poppy a taste for success and made her more determined to get through the exams. Something at times I thought I would never see.
Karen S.
02 April 2023
I have absolutely no idea what you have all done over the past few days, but want to thank you all profusely for giving us our wonderful little girl back.
For the past 7 years, our daughter has detested school with every last ounce of her being. Every single day she would tell us numerous times just how much she hated school, and the tears started as soon as she woke up. The battle to get her through the school door was traumatic for everyone involved, and it took several adults manoeuvring and manhandling her from us and then locking doors afterwards to ensure she couldn't escape. It is fair to say that the entire family suffered from the emotional outbursts our daughter had every evening after being forced to spend the day at her previous school.
However, this weekend was different. She has told everyone about Wemms and how much she has enjoyed her first few days. I have no idea how your team has transformed her back into our wonderful daughter again so quickly but you really have.
I know how much hard work, effort, kindness, compassion, understanding, and teamwork have gone into making this possible, and we are truly grateful. The late night and weekend emails by yourselves and your team also haven't gone unnoticed.
Wemms really is a magical place, how else can this transformation have happened?
Two very grateful parents
11 September 2023
Wemms does amazing things for those struggling with their education and has hugely helped my son secure his GCSEs and move on to A-levels. The school has recently moved to a spectacular new location with massive grounds!
William L.
23 September 2022