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April 2024 Updates

April 2024 Updates

Tuesday, 30 April, 2024

We have had an amazing start to the Summer Term, students returned to school and have been engaging in lessons and activities with boundless energy, spring is definitely in the air.  It is always a pleasure to share what we have been doing at school and let you know what is happening. 

Buildings and Grounds 

We have changed the layout in our reception area, it looks cleaner and fresher with a larger reception desk, which has also been fitted with a remote entry camera to facilitate entry through the gates and front door.   

The grounds continue to maintain that cared for and manicured look, Patrick has been weeding, trimming hedges and removing dead shrubs.  The tidied-up flower beds and borders look neater and the flowers that are beginning to appear are adding splashes of colour brightening up the gardens.   


19th April – Some of the Middle School students went to Hinchley Wood for an Introduction to Judo 

20th April – Our Pi Wars team went to Cambridge 

Cambridge University became the battleground for robotics enthusiasts during Pi Wars 2024, but amidst the chaos, the students of Wemms thrived.  Isla, Conrad, Amelie, and Josh, armed with their robot Leviathan MK II, emerged as stars of the show.  Against fierce competition from 27 other teams, the Wemms crew secured a remarkable 4th place overall, showcasing their ingenuity and teamwork.  With their bellies full of pizza and their minds buzzing with inspiration, the students of Wemms returned home from Pi Wars 2024 with smiles on their faces, grateful for the adventure and camaraderie they experienced along the way. 

23rd April – Regional Table Cricket at K2 Crawley 

27th & 28th April – DofE Expedition   

Career Fair 

We are holding our first Careers Fair in the 6th Form Block on Tuesday, 25th June.  We have approximately fifteen exhibitors attending at present covering a range of careers and providing workshops. 

If you or your employer are interested in providing details, information or a workshop about a potential career pathway for our young people please contact [email protected]  

Tooled Up Education 

Thank you to the many parents who joined us on Monday, 22nd April for the Parent Launch Webinar presented by Dr Kathy Weston. 


Our students had their first exam on Wednesday, 24th April, a Spanish Speaking Exam.  Exam officer has sent out exam timetables for what is going to be a busy six weeks, we will work through this and support all our students during this anxious time for them. 

Term Dates 2024-25 

We were pleased to be able to share these with you all during the week, they are also on our website, it is always good to be able to make decisions and plans. 


Whilst most of our students are attending school wearing the correct uniform, however, those that are not are being noticed more. Appropriate dress is Wemms black sweatshirt/jumper, a purple shirt, black full-length trousers/legging, or a black knee length (or longer) skirt and black low-heeled shoes or trainers.

Ofsted Update 

We have compiled and submitted an action plan to meet the standard not met following the Ofsted Progress Monitoring inspection, we are currently awaiting approval of this by the DfE.  Following approval of our action plan we will receive another Progress Monitoring inspection. 

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