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Woodstock House, Woodstock Lane North, Long Ditton, Surrey KT6 5HN

Opportunities to reflect, adapt and succeed

Get a snapshot of our daily life, tell your

child’s unique story

Joining Wemms

We do not have set open days, we believe you need to see the working school following a normal timetable.

Admissions Process

The first step to joining the Wemms community is to ring the school on 01372 276499, book an appointment and come and look round.

We suggest your initial visit is without your young person. We do not have set open days, we believe you need to see the working school following a normal timetable. This leaves you free to ask the nitty gritty questions, get a snapshot of our daily life, tell your child’s unique story and ensure you are confident that your child will thrive in our community. Once you have gained confidence in our provision, we invite you to bring your young person back for a visit. Most young people are anxious about considering a special school; they need to see Wemms is a specialist provision for totally normal people who need an alternative learning environment.  It is a place to breathe, learn, laugh and grow.

Having decided that you and your family understand and respect our ethos and have decided this is the right place for your child to fulfil their potential, your young person may join us for a taster session.  This allows them to show us who they are, where their gifts lie and what challenges they need to overcome. In turn, we show them that they will be supported by talented, approachable teachers and will have the opportunity to build sound friendships in our community. We all have a past,  which we cannot change, we simply learn from it and have the opportunity to take control of our future. We are the architects of our own destiny. No one in Wemms has problems, they have opportunities to reflect, adapt and succeed.

At the end of the taster session, Wemms makes a decision as to whether or not to offer your family an opportunity to join our family.

Academic fees at Wemms are set for 2023-24 at £53,500 per annum and include all UK-based trips and excursions. Fees are invoiced on a termly basis. There are additional costs for public exams (LAMDA, GCSE, A Level) and lunches. Wemms does not provide formal Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) or Occupational Therapy (OT) intervention as part of its academic package.

Self-funding students will be asked to pay a half-term’s deposit which will be credited against their final term’s fees. LEA’s, parents and guardians are politely reminded that Wemms is an independent school; should you accept a place in our community and subsequently decide to withdraw the child, there is a requirement to provide proper notice and follow the correct termination protocol. To terminate a contract with Wemms, the parent/guardian/LEA is required to give a complete full-term’s notice in writing to the Principal. The parent/guardian/LEA is responsible for paying the full fees, including, where relevant, public exam fees, until the end of the notice period. If leaving in July at the end of Year 13, leavers do not need to provide written notice. Leavers in year 11 need to have let the school know they have accepted a college placement etc. for year 12, and again will not need to give formal notice of leaving.