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Helping students achieve their goals

Every lesson will lead to an important

learning outcome

Classroom of Life

Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our approach, identifying the aspects that lead to individual success for a wide variety of students from all ages and levels of competency.

Teaching Methods

  • Class size

    In a class of thirty, a student always has time to dream and drift away from active learning. Somebody is always demanding the teacher’s attention and your child seldom if ever, achieves a full sixty minutes of learning. Wemms differs because it offers a thirty-hour week timetable of focused, one-to-one and small group sessions. So not only does your young person have an additional hour of intervention a day, but they also have the detailed, consistent attention of a teacher in every lesson.

  • Homework

    Sometimes your young person may have a day in which concentration eludes them and they may be reluctant to complete a task in-class time. On these rare occasions, teachers will email you a copy of the work and ask you to help your son/daughter to complete it at home. We appreciate your support in this area. Homework and revision may also be set for students when preparing for public examinations.

  • Assessment

    Part of our holistic approach to educating your child is to ensure they are comfortable handling assessment. Throughout the year, teachers will be marking their work in front of them, giving pertinent advice on how to extend and enrich their answers and helping them grow. In February, the entire school will undertake a revision week followed by an open-book, guided exam week. Your child’s teacher will sit beside them, ensuring they are interpreting the questions correctly, helping them plan their answers and then evaluating their work with them to show them how to maximise their success. In late February/early March, each student will undertake a computerised assessment known as the CAT test. This benchmarks skills and knowledge against national standards and offers a detailed evaluation of each student’s progress and potential. Selected students will also undertake the various assessments necessary to demonstrate entitlement to additional support in public exams. All students with an EHCP automatically receive 25% extra time allocation but many, depending upon their processing speed and hand-eye coordination, are also eligible for scribes and readers.

  • Reporting

    Wemms likes to ensure you, the parent/guardian, have up-to-date information on your child’s academic and social growth. Every subject sets your child a set of personal learning targets for the current half term. These are stuck into the student’s book and regularly reviewed by the teacher and student. Weekly reports will tell you the content of your child’s lessons and their achievements. The report will also make clear the steps the student needs to take to enrich their learning further. You will be invited to meet with faculty representatives twice a year; usually in February and June, to hold detailed discussions on your child’s progress. You are also welcome to email the Principal, SENCO or teaching staff at any time to arrange additional meetings.

An Individual Approach

Every student receives an individualized academic plan of core competencies and goals developed by our teachers, in collaboration with the student, parent, and local education authority.