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Every one of us faces challenges and recognise

every one of us has a gift

Our Aim

We aim to ensure our students understand they are the architects of their own future, able to aspire to any goal that harnesses their skills academically and socially.


The Equality Act 2010 requires us to publish information that demonstrates we have due regard for the need to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it
  • Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it.

Wemms Education Centre is an inclusive school, where we focus on the well-being and progress of every student and where all members of our community are of equal worth. We believe that the Equality Act provides a framework to support our commitment to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination, promoting equality and fostering good relationships between people. It also ensures that we continue to tackle issues of disadvantage and underachievement of different groups.

Our approach to equality is based on the following key principles:

  1. All learners are of equal value
  2. We recognise and respect difference
  3. We foster positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging
  4. We observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development
  5. We aim to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist.
  6. We have the highest expectations of all our students. We ensure that our students are exposed to and taught about all protected characteristic through our curriculum.

The objectives below are our priorities for the next 3 years. We will regularly review the progress we are making to meet our equality objectives.

Equality Objectives 2023 – 2026

Promoting Inclusive Education:

Objective: Ensure that all students, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum that meets their individual needs.

Eliminating Bullying and Harassment:

Objective: Create a safe and supportive learning environment by implementing and regularly reviewing anti-bullying policies and practices, with a focus on preventing discrimination based on disability or special educational needs.

Professional Development for Staff:

Objective: Provide regular training and professional development opportunities for staff to enhance their understanding of diverse needs, teaching strategies, and assistive technologies, promoting an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Celebrating Diversity:

Objective: Encourage a culture of respect and celebration of diversity within the school community, promoting awareness and understanding of different abilities, backgrounds, and cultures.