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Each experience is meticulously planned

Ensuring that students receive a dynamic

and broad academic education

Enrich the soul

Here at Wemms, we are committed to ensuring that students receive a dynamic and broad academic education, securely embedded within a holistic embrace.


Education is much more than achieving GCSE and A Level qualifications and should always feed the soul as well as the mind. Whilst most people may not be able to secure grade 9 right across the spectrum of academic study, everyone can become a grade-A person, and this is what will really make the world a better place.

Wemms understands that knowledge is cumulative and that, in reality, the journey to GCSE starts in year 7. We will work with your child to find out their unique position in every subject and write them a curriculum that is specific to their needs.  We expect to fill in gaps, reach beyond the basic syllabus and have them ready to take public exams in year 10, 11, 12… when they are ready. We are not concerned by league tables. Our aim is to ensure the students have the opportunity to achieve the EBAC qualification in their year 11/12. This means they will all be offered a common core of Maths, Statistics,  English Language, English Literature, Modern Foreign Language (MFL), Science and either History or Geography.

There will also be optional choices of second languages. Other subjects are offered which enrich the soul and help create a well-rounded education.

Foster excellence by allowing creativity

Drives intrinsic motivation and

generates curiosity

  • Key Stage 2/3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Key Stage 5

Students may join Wemms from the date of their 10th birthday.  They follow a bespoke curriculum that is in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum and has been enriched to address their specific needs. Every student has daily Maths and English lessons and enjoys three practical-based Science lessons a week. Modern Languages, Coding, History and Geography are also part of the core curriculum. Over the year,  PE rotates through trampolining, horse riding/stable management, yoga, climbing and orienteering. All students have the opportunity to learn keyboard and drumming and take an active part in Arts and Crafts.

Drama offers the opportunity to roleplay social communication and learn to perform in the public eye. Some students opt to study for LAMDA qualifications and all students take part in a public speaking course.  We also offer singing opportunities for students interested in this. This cohort also benefits from a dynamic programme of PSHE, devised by JIGSAW and a wonderful current affairs course sponsored by The Economist. All students learn to cook and to make simple repairs to the fabric of a home.  They may enjoy regular sessions with our life coach expert.

In Wemms, KS4 is considered to encompass the period from the beginning of year 9 until the majority of GCSEs are complete. Depending upon learning style and past experience, some students may need to extend GCSE study into year 12. The core academic curriculum for GCSE ensures the students have the opportunity to achieve the EBAC status. Every student is prepared for IGCSE Maths, English Language, English Literature, Double Science and a Modern Foreign Language, GSCE History or Geography and Statistics. Most students aspire to take Triple Science and, where possible, we support this. Unfortunately, when students join us late in KS4, (middle of year 10 onwards) they may not have had enough previous experience in science to make this a realistic option. In this situation, we advise Double or Single Science as a solution. Some also take Astronomy and/or Human Biology. Students can also opt for additional languages: we are proud to offer French, Spanish, German, and Latin to GCSE. Humanities are equally robust with the opportunity to take both History and Geography or make a second selection from Business Studies, Economics or Sociology.

For those wanting a career in Art, we support them in building an extensive portfolio. To date, we have had 100% success in securing places on Art undergraduate courses. PE is a carousel of events involving horse riding/stable management, swimming, personal gym membership, yoga, dance, climbing and orienteering. Please note Wemms is a small school and as  such does not offer opportunities for large team games. All KS4 students attend PSHE, life skills coaching, citizenship (including current affairs) and public speaking. There is a dynamic cross-curricular careers course and an emphasis on critical thinking and planning for success. Students may also select to attend Arts and Crafts for pleasure, learn keyboarding and drumming and follow courses in Theatre Studies and Drama. There are opportunities to study coding and cooking.

Our post-16 provision is designed to be eclectic. All students are encouraged to continue with some form of Maths, frequently Personal Finance or Statistics as well as English, often as essay writing or research skills, alongside a selection of additional GCSEs and Level  3 courses. We currently offer A Levels in: History, Economics, Government and Politics, English, History of Art, French, German, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and Further Maths. We also offer BTEC courses in Health and Social Care, Business Studies and Animal Management. Subject leaders will be happy to share the exact syllabus with you. The post-16 curriculum is rounded off with subjects that prepare the student for life in the real world and offer opportunities to feed the soul – Citizenship, Life Skills, Cooking, Art and Music. There is extensive careers advice and PSHE; qualifications in First Aid, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Fire Marshalling and Risk Assessment. Many students opt for a continuation computing course.

PE is based on personal fitness and individual requirements. Yoga is also available to this age group. All post-16 students experience a wide range of residential and day trips to places of cultural interest and are offered opportunities to widen their general knowledge and life experience. In particular, there is an annual, optional, two-week trip to California each summer and trips to University open days throughout the two years. Post-16 students are also encouraged to serve the school as peer counsellors and prefects. They have ample opportunity to take part in local community events and can choose to go to South Africa to build houses for orphans during the summer holiday.


Enrich the social skills

Trips are an integral part of the holistic education at Wemms and do not incur additional costs. Each experience is meticulously planned to enrich the student’s social skills (usually addressing specific points from EHCP plans), develop their understanding of British values and heritage, and widen their experience of the world in general.

Many of the trips also present curriculum-based content in a vibrant and memorable manner. Trips are a learning experience in their own right and at Wemms, we firmly believe that it is not necessary to capture every learning opportunity in the written word. However, we may use the stimulus of the trips to explore different concepts further in a variety of other ways.

By joining Wemms, you and your young person are making a commitment to attend every UK-based trip relevant to their age. This includes the annual residential which takes place in late September. Overseas trips, which may incur the need for additional funds, are always optional.