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Every student has a right to PSHE, and key to this is

the right to feel valued and safe.


The PSHE and Science curricula incorporate relationships and sex education, which is age- and development appropriate and helps pupils be safe in the wider world.

At Wemms Education Centre, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education) aims to develop the information, abilities, and qualities that protect our students’ physical and mental health and prepare them for life after school and the workforce.

Wemms Education Centre is proud of its painstakingly created PSHE course, which has a good impact on our students’ non-academic and academic results. Under the broad themes of health and wellness, relationships, and living in the wider world—which includes economic wellbeing and career education—our curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing important skills like resilience, self-esteem, risk management, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Following the legal obligations established in the Education Act 2002, we offer a thorough and well-rounded curriculum. Notably, Wemms Education Centre has already included these topics into the PSHE curriculum this year, ahead of the Department of Education’s June 2019 statutory guidance that outlines the introduction of mandatory health education, relationship education, and relationship and sex education (RSE).

Our PSHE lessons, which are led by tutors once a week, include interactive components including worksheets, slideshows, and a variety of online courses. Peer and self assessments are examples of formative assessments that are essential to our instructional practices.

Wemms Education Centre invites guest speakers with expertise in mental health, internet safety, and drug education, leveraging its strong connections. Once or twice a term, each year group gets to attend carefully selected speeches by outside experts. These sessions provide students a chance to learn more in-depth information, ask questions, and show initiative.

Our Long-Term Plan outlines the preferred sequence for teaching our PSHE and RSE sections during the academic year.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

The purpose of this section is to describe the school-wide RSE curriculum. It will contain information regarding the subject matter, statutory requirements, and the obligations of educators, learners, and guardians. It will specify the methods by which the curriculum, resources, and communication with parents, monitoring, and evaluation will be carried out.


Head of Department

At Wemms Education Centre we are committed to collaborating with parents and carers to ensure that cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity is both acknowledged and embraced.