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Wemms is a uniformed school

Uniforms contribute to the ethos and

culture of the school

Uniformed School

Uniforms contribute to the ethos and culture of the school; set the appropriate tone to promote good behaviour and discipline.

Uniform & Dress Code

What your child will be required to wear

Wemms is a uniformed school. Uniforms contribute to the ethos and culture of the school; set the appropriate tone to promote good behaviour and discipline; protect children from social pressures and support cohesion between different groups of pupils. The Human Rights Act 1998 protects the right to “manifest one’s religion or beliefs”. Various religions and beliefs require strict observance to a particular dress code, or otherwise outwardly manifest their belief. Some religions require adherents to wear or carry specific religious items. Certain items required by religion may be allowed – please see the Wemms Uniform policy. If in doubt contact the Principal. However, within a school community, the under-pinning core aim is one of keeping the community safe.

Consequently, Wemms does not tolerate students, or staff, bringing forms of blades or firearms into school regardless of any religious purpose.

Your son/daughter’s first Wemms uniform will incur a charge. Please contact the school for an estimated cost. 

  • Two purple shirts.
  • Two purple T-shirts.
  • One black V-necked sleeveless jumper.
  • One summer jacket.
  • One winter jacket.
You may purchase additional uniform at an extra cost, please advise reception of your requirements. 

*All items are monogrammed with “Wemms”.

The uniform is completed by:
  • Black footwear of choice. Must enclose the toes. Smart trainers are fine.
  • Plain black skirt or trousers, any style, including jogging bottoms, any material except denim/jeans. No shorts.
  • Socks/tights – free choice, plain colours preferred.
  • Light makeup and nail varnish are acceptable.
  • Hair must be clean and tidy. Style and colour are up to the student but they must be prepared to tie long hair back in certain lessons.
  • Jewellery is OK but we would prefer earrings to be small. Students must be willing to take jewellery off for certain activities and understand that students must take responsibility for their own items.
Lunch boxes and water bottles
Those bringing a packed lunch will need an insulated lunch bag as food will be stored in their locker. All are invited to bring a water bottle, however, if they misuse it and attempt to squirt water in the building and/or at teachers or peers, the privilege will be withdrawn!