We warmly welcome you to a taste of life at Wemms, a unique, alternative school that offers a safe and nurturing community to those who are stifled by mainstream education.

Opened in 2007 as a tuition centre, Wemms has evolved into a full-time registered special school that offers one-to-one and small group tuition to able students who are not comfortable in an environment of large buildings, big classes and noise. Wemms is proud to declare itself a ‘marmite’ school… you will love us or hate us. Our school is for individuals and mavericks who yearn for a bespoke education, which allows them to learn in their own way and at their own pace.

Whilst determined to ensure all our students have an opportunity to gain outstanding academic qualifications, we believe it is vital that education and school life should also feed the soul, encourage the heart to sing and the face to smile. We are committed to ensuring our alumni are active, independent and successful citizens of 21st century Britain.

We believe exam results fall naturally out of a dynamic education and that GCSEs should be taken when the student is ready. Expectations are high: six or more GCSEs at Level 4 and above, including some top grades, and the opportunity to stay until you are 20 to get a great portfolio of Level 2 and 3 qualifications. Our careers programme supports our students in selecting their next venture… be it university, an apprenticeship or direct entry to the workforce.

Wemms offers a holistic approach to education. We offer a wide range of trips and experiences that help our students build resilience, social skills, and flexibility. We think out-of the-box and reach for goals that our students once thought unattainable. Our PE programme offers the opportunity for personal challenge and builds stamina. Our supportive ‘soft skills’ curriculum ensures our students leave us as confident verbal communicators who can cook, maintain a home and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities.

When a young person joins Wemms, they become part of an extended family that nurtures them towards a fulfilled and successful, independent life.

We look forward to meeting you!

Due to rapid expansion and local placement needs, we are currently recruiting for a number of teaching posts. If you are an experienced teacher, tutor or are looking to train as a teacher, please contact us. See our recruitment page for more information.