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Apr30, 2024

April 2024 Updates

We have had an amazing start to the Summer Term, students returned to school and have been engaging in lessons and activities with boundless energy, spring is definitely in the air.  It is always a pleasure to share what we have been doing at school and let you know what is happening.  Buildings and Grounds  We have changed the layout in our reception area, it looks cleaner and fresher with a larger reception desk, which has also been fitted with a remote entry camera to facilitate entry through the gates and front door.    The grounds continue to
Jan25, 2024

Unveiling the Brilliance: Wemms Education Middle School Open Day Recap

The recent open day on 23rd January 2024 at Wemms Education Middle School was nothing short of a triumph, radiating enthusiasm and setting the stage for an incredible journey ahead. Prospective parents embarked on a captivating exploration of our vibrant school, gaining valuable insights into the engaging classrooms that shape the educational landscape for our students. 🌟 **Exploring a Vibrant School Environment:** The open day provided a firsthand look into the heart of Wemms Education Middle School. Parents were guided through the school’s dynamic spaces, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere that fosters creativity and learning. From state-of-the-art classrooms
May6, 2023

Wemms Celebrates King Charles III’s Coronation in Style: A Festive Day Full of Fun and Excitement!

On Friday 5th May, the Middle School students held a special celebration for a very important Coronation. To celebrate the reign of our new King Charles III, the children spent some of their lessons this week preparing activities and learning all about the importance of the Coronation as part of embedding British Values within their learning opportunities, and to prepare for an amazing afternoon of celebration. Many of the children spent the morning helping Lynsey to prepare a veritable feast fit for a King that they all enjoyed sharing together as part of their afternoon activities.   The
Nov21, 2022

Wemms commemorate Armistice Day

Wemms as a whole came together to commemorate Armistice Day on November 11, 2022, with a special emphasis on the women who served in the First World War. Remembrance Day began for most of Wemms students and staff the previous afternoon, when students across the school helped carry their classroom chairs from the main school buildings to the sports hall in preparation for the next day’s grand event. The band and those involved in the presentations and wreath-laying ceremony had been preparing for much longer, but for many, those chair carrying trips were the first sign that tomorrow
Oct1, 2022

Wemms Open Day 2022

Wemms opened its door to a number of visitors on the 22nd of September 2022, ranging from interested parents, prospective students and professionals curious to understand the unusual concept that is Wemms! Each department held different displays, information presentations, with Science stealing the show with interactive games based on knowing scientific gems in a fun, all-age-style computer game arcade.  Those students who had given up the rest of their afternoon to help tour guide and show our visitors around were much appreciated by staff and visitors alike, and did a fantastic job of explaining how the school worked,
Sep19, 2022

Wemms Annual Staff Conference and Gala Dinner

It was the first day of September 2022 when the Wemms staff entered the Gorse Hill Conference Centre to attend the annual Wemms staff conference. What followed was a warm welcome back by Joy and a quick overview of what Wemms is about and our vision to teach children who need an alternative education. Wemms’ Chair of Trustees gave a clear and detailed presentation of all the changes that had been made to Wemms as an education provider, both legally in terms of becoming a charity and physically, as staff looked forward to teaching these valuable young people
Aug1, 2022

Wemms celebrates a successful Enterprise week with its annual Enterprise Summer Fayre

The sky is the limit as Wemms celebrates a successful Enterprise week with its annual Enterprise Summer Fayre. Students at Wemms are celebrating success at their annual Enterprise Summer Fayre which was held in the grounds of their new home, Woodstock House. Families and friends flocked to the fayre to buy products that the students had designed and made themselves. The fayre was the culmination of two weeks of hard work for Wemms’ annual Enterprise Challenge. The students were put through their paces coming up with a sound business concept and plan for a product or a
Jun3, 2022

Wemms celebrate Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in style

Wemms celebrate Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with all staff and students adorned in a blaze of red, white and blue, descending upon the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall and working together to set up the stalls and beautifully designed flats. We had sterling work put in by a variety of students in their band practice, whilst other students devised thoughtful, practical ways of decorating tables and putting the finishing touches to activities for parents, siblings and students to participate in later on in the Fayre. A big shout out goes to all staff and students who made the morning
Jun9, 2021

Wemms Social Enterprise Week 2021

During the last week in May 2021, Wemms held a whole school Enterprise Week. The aim of the week was to give students the opportunity to develop their problem solving and team working skills. They were given the opportunity to develop their understanding of what ‘enterprise’ is – in the context of understanding different types of jobs, developing new ideas, how money is spent in designing and making products, and primarily, how they can contribute to a range of activities that help them to become more enterprising. The week culminated in a spectacular Enterprise Fayre which was open to all parents, students, staff, and which raised nearly £1600! The funds raised will be donated to the Toilet Twinning charity,