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Wemms Open Day 2022

Wemms Open Day 2022

Saturday, 1 October, 2022

Wemms opened its door to a number of visitors on the 22nd of September 2022, ranging from interested parents, prospective students and professionals curious to understand the unusual concept that is Wemms!

Each department held different displays, information presentations, with Science stealing the show with interactive games based on knowing scientific gems in a fun, all-age-style computer game arcade.  Those students who had given up the rest of their afternoon to help tour guide and show our visitors around were much appreciated by staff and visitors alike, and did a fantastic job of explaining how the school worked, what it is like to learn at Wemms and certain key things in response to questions.  

We had several children test out the swing and the monkey bars in the playground, with some displays of acrobatics and smiles thrown in for good measure!  Older prospective students who were understandably more concerned with the curriculum that they would be studying if they joined Wemms, asked sensible questions, as did parents who were curious to know the ins and outs of how Wemms worked with the smaller groups, which are designed to help the teachers support each child according to their level of need.  Staff members, who had never been involved in open days, rose to the challenge of explaining a unique education system that they had learnt to love, enjoy and use to the best advantage of their students.  For some children (or for their parents, at least!), Wemms seemed to be the school that they had been waiting for, while others looked around with the desire to explore and find out more.

The day was organised by Wemms' Vice Principal Operations, Gail, and was a roaring success, judging by how interested our visitors were in the school, how many questions were asked and answered, and the number of smiles and thoughtful expressions present during the open day.

We look forward to welcoming those students who do join our budding community of valued and unique young people, who need that extra boost of kindness, nurture and support in order to do the very best they can do during these years!

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