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Pi Wars is about to kick off

Pi Wars is about to kick off

Thursday, 7 July, 2022

For the past couple of years, Wemms has competed in Pi Wars achieving a commendable third place in its category last year. Pi Wars is one of the main international robotics competitions, where students enjoy completing challenges using a robot controlled by a Raspberry Pi computer.

The theme for this year’s Pi Wars competition is ‘Old McDoofus Has a Farm’ which is about creating a robot to help on a (miniature) farm. The students must tackle the challenges which include picking apples, feeding cattle, and shepherding sheep. We have completed some of these challenges by remote controlled, and some in autonomous mode.

Wemms Pi Wars Project manager, Gordon, says that

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable software and hardware development skills, media skills and team working abilities that will benefit students whatever their future choice of studies.

We have submitted our competition videos and are looking forward to the live stream competition and results this Saturday.

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