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Feb14, 2023

The Transition from Year 9 to Year 10: An Evening of Preparation and Encouragement

As students move from one phase of their education to the next, it is important for them to feel prepared, supported, and ready to take on the new challenges that lie ahead. This is especially true for students transitioning from Year 9 to Year 10, as they move from the comfort of lower school into the more demanding and fast-paced environment of high school. To help these students make this transition as smoothly as possible, the Year 9 to 10 Transition Evening was held on 9th February 2023 at Wemms. The event aimed to provide a smooth
Jul17, 2022

Wemms celebrates another amazing academic year – Graduation 2022

It’s a wrap as Wemms celebrates another amazing academic year. It seems incredible that another school year has drawn to a close. And already it is time to look back and chart just how far each and every Wemms student has travelled on their personal journey. To celebrate as a community, Wemms families, friends, students and teachers gathered in Ashtead’s Peace Memorial Hall for the Annual Graduation Ceremony. Malcolm X famously said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Education and growth go hand-in-hand and the students’