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Nov2, 2022

Inter-Schools’ Football Competition

On October 20, 2022, a team of Wemms students visited a school where a football competition for students with special needs was being held. The tournament was overseen by Brighton & Hove Albion and their coaches. After receiving refreshments, the pupils were ready to play! When all the teams were prepared, they walked out to the field, where they trained with some of Brighton & Hove’s coaches before playing a 15-minute game of five-a-side. Although the team lost this first game, they were ready to play again after lunch, and came back to the field with a fresh determination. It
Jul7, 2022

Pi Wars is about to kick off

For the past couple of years, Wemms has competed in Pi Wars achieving a commendable third place in its category last year. Pi Wars is one of the main international robotics competitions, where students enjoy completing challenges using a robot controlled by a Raspberry Pi computer. The theme for this year’s Pi Wars competition is ‘Old McDoofus Has a Farm’ which is about creating a robot to help on a (miniature) farm. The students must tackle the challenges which include picking apples, feeding cattle, and shepherding sheep. We have completed some of these challenges by remote controlled,
Jul1, 2022

Wemms’ Students Impress In Young Writers Competition

Our students have always risen to the challenge of imagination and word limits to be published alongside other area schools in the anthologies, edited by the young writers, and we are immensely proud of how well they show the quality of their writing to the community at large. This year we have also expanded to other competitions. We entered several students in competitions from the Independent Schools Association for both poetry and essay/short story creations, going up against over 600 nationwide schools. Several students entered the Japan Society’s Haiku competition- displaying not only our student’s words but
Jun27, 2022

Team Wemms’ NPL Water Rocket Competition

A small team of students from Wemms recently competed in a Water Rocket Competition. Hosted by NPL the event was held at the Bushy Park Sports Club in Teddington. Overall, Team Wemms’ rockets were so successful that one of them had to be left behind because it went so far! The Wemms students built their rockets at Woodstock House, which will be their school’s new home from September 2022. They had to work fast as they only had a couple of hours to prepare and not much equipment. The team proved how resourceful they could be and