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Wemms' Students Impress In Young Writers Competition

Wemms’ Students Impress In Young Writers Competition

Friday, 1 July, 2022

Our students have always risen to the challenge of imagination and word limits to be published alongside other area schools in the anthologies, edited by the young writers, and we are immensely proud of how well they show the quality of their writing to the community at large.

This year we have also expanded to other competitions.

We entered several students in competitions from the Independent Schools Association for both poetry and essay/short story creations, going up against over 600 nationwide schools.

Several students entered the Japan Society's Haiku competition- displaying not only our student's words but their beautiful artwork on the theme of "Towns".

Our students don't hesitate to tackle tough topics, as they did with The Chaucer Heritage Trust's Canterbury Tales Writing Competition. Completing moving explorations around 'Prejudice and Difference' for this competition proved to be a very valuable exercise for us, challenging our ability to find strength to fight these difficult social challenges.

ALL OF THIS- our students have done and accomplished alongside their regular lessons, going above and beyond to show they are not just a group of learners, not just numbers on a league table for exam statistics…. they are poets, they are authors, they are writers and dreamers. We can't wait to see what they do next!

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