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Wemms at Chessington World of Adventure

Wemms at Chessington World of Adventure

Friday, 20 May, 2022

Wemms provides plenty of opportunities for our students to enjoy and experience a wide range of trips, designed to be fun, friendship-building and finding out new facts about the world we live in. On May 18th, we took our students to Chessington World of Adventures, as a day trip for students to enjoy, make closer friendships with each other and with their teachers, and learn about animal conservation and their habitats.

If you have never been to Chessington World of Adventures, then you're in for a treat. We went on 'Dragon's Fury' which spins you up and down the intricate loops of the rollercoaster, deceiving you into thinking you will go flying at any moment, while remaining safe and secure on the ride. The students loved it: whooping with excitement, doing their best not to scream, and enjoying the thrill coursing through them at each new twist and turn. We rode the dragon, the vampire and the kobra; embracing each new ride with enthusiasm and gusto.

Not everyone wanted to experience the thrill of thinking you're going to fall, and then not falling. While the adrenaline junkies soared through the air, the more calmer members of each group stayed on the ground, or chose quieter rides, such as the dodgems or the Gruffalo River Ride which mostly involved giant-sized Gruffalos and woodland creatures acting out their bits of the story in eerie green lighting, as you travelled round in a raft-like boat. It also involved getting wet at the end, which made the ride more fun for most of us!!

Then there were the animals! Furry, white pigs, friendly goats, donkeys, all kinds of birds, interesting-looking monkeys who swung easily from the branches, and many, many more. Even the pigeon sitting on the fence was admired with playful gusto, and it was fantastic to be out in the sun, enjoying the fresh air and the unexpected, unusual conversations that cropped up along the journeys between the rides. We crowded into an African-style hut to hear a talk about animal conservation, where some of the students showed off their knowledge about rhino poaching, and discovered bits about what Chessington Conservation Trust are doing to protect and conserve the wildlife in their local area.

One of the best parts of the day was when two students, both of whom one would never have guessed would enjoy spending time together, discovered a shared love of railways, and chatted quite happily together for several minutes. This summed up the whole day: six hours of getting to know the students better, enjoying life and discovering interesting things about animals that we didn't know before.

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