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Inter-Schools' Football Competition

Inter-Schools’ Football Competition

Wednesday, 2 November, 2022

On October 20, 2022, a team of Wemms students visited a school where a football competition for students with special needs was being held. The tournament was overseen by Brighton & Hove Albion and their coaches. After receiving refreshments, the pupils were ready to play! When all the teams were prepared, they walked out to the field, where they trained with some of Brighton & Hove's coaches before playing a 15-minute game of five-a-side. Although the team lost this first game, they were ready to play again after lunch, and came back to the field with a fresh determination.

It was great when the second game was won 7-1. The Wemms team watched the other team compete while they waited for their next match. Each member of the team enjoyed themselves while supporting each other to raise the goal-scoring. The team eventually divided wins and losses after a few further games. After finishing every match, the team was awarded a medal.

At the end of the day, the whole team was thrilled and delighted to have competed in its first football competition against teams from other schools.  They did really well, and Wemms are very proud of them.  We wish them every success in their future matches!

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