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Joy and Emma win award for being 'True Heroes' during lockdown.

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  • Joy and Emma win award for being ‘True Heroes’ during lockdown.

Joy and Emma win award for being ‘True Heroes’ during lockdown.

Thursday, 30 July, 2020

It was with great excitement that we were able to announce to everyone on the last day of term that Joy and Emma A had won an award from Jaycee Trophies for being 'True Heroes' during the unprecedented lockdown that we have recently faced.

Back at the start of March, nominations were asked for from various establishments in industry, education and health, for people to nominate their own local heroes in the unprecedented fight against Covid-19 - people who were the unsung heroes - who just kept the wheels of industry, education and health running (well, everyday life really!) in the face of great uncertainty and ever-shifting sands.

The nominations for Joy and Emma said:

Joy has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all the staff and students are equipped to make the best of virtual lessons, lending computers, buying in special software and increasing IT capacity even before the lockdown was announced. She has put much of her own money into the school in order to make this happen and has been working day and night to ensure that the transition has run smoothly. She is checking in with our vulnerable pupils regularly and supporting the staff and students with mental health issues too. 

Emma is our PSHE lead and organises our timetable and has been unstinting in her efforts to keep the timetable as close as possible to our normal one, despite teething issues with IT, internet connections and everyone trying to access their work at the same time. She has worked over and above her normal hours and her dedication and professionalism has been exemplary as she solves problems and helps both students and their families sort out their many issues so the school can deliver the best possible alternative under the circumstances.  She is also extremely generous in supporting other staff with any problems they have and works around the clock to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. She is a true hero to help our young people in times of need. 

The whole school would like to congratulate Joy and Emma on their award!

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