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Wemms Christmas Fair

Wemms Christmas Fair

Thursday, 8 December, 2022

The Wemms Christmas Fair was an exciting event in the annual Wemms calendar. Having been unable to celebrate it for two years due to the Covid pandemic, it came as a lovely surprise towards the end of one of the hardest weeks in the school calendar. The days are getting darker, the term has gone on long enough to be exhausting for students and teachers (and parents!), but there is still enough term time left to make one feel that there is still a long lap to go before the finish line comes in sight. So the Christmas Fair, splendidly organised by the Wemms Friends, was an oasis of brightness in the week, livening up the dark winter evening for most of the Wemms community at least.

We had beautiful beats from the band, intermingling with exciting stalls overflowing with raffles, lucky dips, cute cuddly toys, puzzles, games, competitions (including a 'Name the giant toy dog!' competition). A huge shout out goes to Gordon for putting in the best effort to sell second-hand Barbie dolls to all who came through the doors, and to the refreshment stall who were kept super busy, with requests for hot drinks, popcorn, cakes and many other goodies.

There were several interesting stalls run by parents, displaying an exotic and fun array of goods to buy loved ones for Christmas. The band did a great job of keeping up some good music and enabling everyone to enjoy the carols, enthusiastically accompanied by lively dancing, which was great fun to watch! And who could forget the gigantic, beautifully decorated gingerbread house, which drew the eye for its size as well as the sweets that neatly decorated the sides.

It was lovely to see so many of the Wemms community - parents, students and staff - turn out in support of those contributing to the Fair, and Wemms itself. A fun, enjoyable evening; made all the merrier because it had been so long since the last one!

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