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Raising money for a ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity.

Raising money for a ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity.

Monday, 10 May, 2021

Wemms is raising money for a ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity which will use any funds raised to build toilets for villages in Africa. This will enable the people living there to enjoy a flushing toilet, which so many of us take for granted.

Every school day in May we have been walking 1 mile in the local area to raise money for our ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity. We have raised enough money so far to build two toilet blocks in Malawi and Zambia; now, we aim to raise enough money to build ten toilet blocks.

We walk in our year groups (or team groups for Enterprise Week) once a day and we usually go round the park. The students have walked their mile in all weathers, not letting rain or shine stop them from getting their sponsorship.

Over 19 days, we have walked 19 miles. Students have given positive feedback in general, highlighting the fun of getting outside for half an hour. One pointed out that they felt better after the Daily Mile and more motivated to work. Overall, it has been a valuable experience, helping the students improve their fitness while giving them a chance to enjoy the sunshine, persevere at something while raising money for a great cause!

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